A Career in Broadcasting

Students of Western Broadcasting Corporation are about to embark on one of the MOST EXCITING CAREERS they might ever choose! Exciting because Broadcasting monitors the pulse of life: Music, News, People, Events and Places! From all around the world broadcasting is in touch with LIFE. Broadcasters have a part in this most exciting profession!

Presenting the day's events (news, sports, music, topical events & information) is anything but routine or boring. By its very nature, broadcasting is ever changing. There are no two days alike for a Professional Broadcaster. That's why broadcasting could be the most exciting career a peron will ever choose!

Who Belongs in Broadcasting?

Radio & TV Broadcasting attracts people with very special abilities: a quick mind, enthusiasm, ambition, & intelligence. Broadcasters are outgoing and interested in a wide variety of subjects. They need to be well-informed, have creativity and a good personality to hold the interest of the listening audience.

It's a demanding career, but the life of a broadcaster is stimulating and challenging.  It fulfills the love of performing for an audience, plus meeting the hottest performers of the music world, being backstage at concerts, interviewing show-biz celebrities and sports heroes! It's all part of the perks of being a broadcasting celebrity.

However it's not all glamour. Successful broadcasters are ambitious, hard-working people. As in any other field the rewards of success are earned! Western Broadcasting Corporation offers a training program for those who are dedicated to a career on the air, and are commited to the extensive training required to become a professional broadcaster.

If YOU are attracted to broadcasting, it is likely you possess many of the qualities listed above. Interestingly enough, most of our students had never set foot in a broadcasting studio before they started training, but they all shared a common enjoyment of people. After all, broadcasting is TALKING to people.

Today they enjoy new careers as Radio & TV Personalities, News & Sportscasters & reporters, & Commercial Announcers.

About Western Broadcasting Corp


Western Broadcasting Corporation is staffed by Professional Canadian Broadcasters instructing an intensive course that develops on-the-air talent, while focusing on each student's personality and ability. This is achieved through the principle of individual instruction within small-group sessions. The technique allows each student announcer more opportunity to practice and develop a style & personality uniquely their own. This is the secret to WBC's SUCCESS!


The Western Broadcasting Corporation program utilizes a combination of the most successful voice-training techniques of good broadcasters and announcers.

The WBC method begins with the basics of speech and every aspect of studio microphone technique, reading a script, projecting personality, successful news & sportscasting, speaking to an audience. In short, every aspect of Professional Broadcasting Communication is passed on to you, the WBC student announcer.

The emphasis is on combining the technique with personality, which results in a trained delivery that is uniquely your own!