A Career as a Sportscaster

The excitement of Professional Sport has captured our imagination. The listening public has an unquenchable appetite for sports coverage: the Olympics, the Stanley Cup, Grey Cup, Superbowl, the World Series!

People want to know all the exciting details. The winners, the scorers, the record-breakers!

A career as a SPORTSCASTER is all this and more. It's reporting the games, interviewing famous sports personalities, and maybe even play-by-play announcing. It's your opportunity to share in the excitement of professional sport.

The Broadcast Industry must have access to competent broadcasters who have a keen interest and well-developed knowledge of all major sports. It is important to be able to meet the public demand for sports coverage.

The WBC student will be instructed and develop skills in the following areas:

  • general sports reporting strategy
  • editing stories from sports sources
  • local sports coverage
  • updating scores & highlights
  • statistics & schedules
  • anchoring 'LIVE' sportscasts in a simulated on-the-air situation.

Finely polished skills in Sports Broadcasting will open the door to job opportunities in major league cities, and first hand contact with some of the most famous and outstanding athletes in Professional Sport today!