A Career as a Radio Deejay

The life of a Radio Personality is stimulating and challenging. It offers the prestige of being in the spotlight', the love of performing for an audience, and the creative satisfaction of being an interesting, entertaining communicator.

Western Broadcasting Corporation provides DAILY hands-on training in a professional broadcasting studio. The WBC announcer will sit in the announcer's chair playing the TOP HITS of the day, playing commercials & radio jingles, reading the weather, public service announcements, and chatting about all the day-to-day things that interest the audience, all woven together with a pleasant personality!

First of all, the WBC announcer becomes proficient in the technical use of broadcast equipment. Secondly, they will develop abilities required as a communicator & radio personality.

Instruction will include operating the following:

  • broadcast audio control boards
  • deejay music computers
  • mixing commercials, jingles and music
  • radio DJing including jingle ID's, station call letters, artists & song titles, weather, live copy, sport scores, interesting comments, opinions and information, assuming the role of on-air Radio Personality DJ & doing 'live' show

Radio personalities create the 'showbiz sparkle' that attracts listeners to tune in. This special quality to draw large audiences makes radio personalities a vital part of any successful station, and the reason for some of the largest salaries in broadcasting.

Commercial Announcing

Commercials and advertising are an important part of broadcasting. They are the lifeline of any radio station. Selling commercial time generates the income to pay for day-to-day operations, buy new broadcasting equipment, and most important of all -- to pay the salaries of the announcers.

WBC Western Broadcasting Corporation trains in the art of writing and producing professional commercials -- commercials that are pleasing to the ear, and that sell the product for the sponsor -- commercials that keep the sponsor coming back to buy more commercial time.

From the first session in the Production Studio, the WBC student quickly becomes aware of the challenge of learning to communicate, of establishing credibility and believability, and of convincing an audience to respond. It's an exciting challenge!

WBC instruction includes the following:

  • mechanics of speech and reading skills
  • proper emphasis & expression of words, phrases, and sentences
  • rise-and-fall of voice
  • theatrics and voice flow
  • eliminating rising inflections
  • voice & breath control
  • writing commercials and commercial concepts

The focus of Western Broadcasting Corporations broadcast training program is to make you capable of commercial announcing that will help you excel in your new career -- moving you from your first job in a small station, to bigger markets and bigger money. A top-rated commercial announcer can earn some of the largest salaries in broadcasting today!