A Career as a Newscaster and News Reporter

News is a vital part of our lives. We live in a very information-oriented society. There's an ever-increasing public demand for complete & accurate coverage of what's happening in the world today. Therefore radio and TV stations are continually in need of personnel qualified at intelligent, accurate newsgathering, as well as professional presentation & delivery over the air. A well-trained Newscaster/Reporter commands the respect of vast audiences.

WBC Western Broadcasting Corporation is a broadcasting school where students develop the essential, vital skills in broadcast journalism that allow them to perform well in a newscasting or reporting situation.
To achieve these skills, instruction will include:

  • basic newsroom strategy & technique
  • editing stories from news sources
  • structuring the body of a newscast
  • evaluating individual news stories
  • re-writing print copy for air presentation
  • utilizing eye-witness actualities
  • reporting stories and creating voice reports
  • reading 'LIVE' newscasts in a simulated on-the-air situation

The news AS IT HAPPENS: You see it as it comes in from around the world.

You may even be one of the first to find out about a news event of major world importance. A career in Radio & Television BROADCAST JOURNALISM will open up a whole new exciting world!

Opportunities exist in the areas of news reporting, writing & interviewing, and on-air anchoring. Although competition is keen, well-trained Broadcast Journalists are eagerly sought and highly valued by both individual radio & TV stations, and major networks -- from news anchors and local reporters to foreign correspondents, the opportunities are unlimited!