All About Western Broadcasting Corporation

Course Outline

Western Broadcasting Corporation offers a one-year college program in Radio & Television broadcast training, featuring contemporary Canadian & American broadcasting style, with a 90%+ job placement rate.

This ACCELERATED program offers 2 years worth of training in one year, resulting in much lower tuition and faster job placement.

While some schools require students to spend the first year in the classroom studying non-broadcast academics, Western Broadcasting College gets right to the business of broadcasting.

Starting the very first day of school, students spend several hours daily behind the microphone in professional radio studios, & several sessions every week in the television studio.

Every school day is filled with hands-on practical training, just as if you were really a staff member of a radio and television station, (plus additional daily classroom time and lab sessions).

That is the Western Broadcasting Corporation advantage - you can be trained and ready for the broadcasting job market in only one school year!

Over 1250 graduates have successfully acquired jobs in the professional broadcasting industry.



Radio facilities:

  • 7 fully-equipped radio broadcast studios
  • Classroom
  • Journalism Lab

Television facilities:

  • Broadcast television studio
  • 3-camera studio
  • Master Control
  • TV Audio Studio
  • Teleprompter
  • 12 field camera units
  • 12 Digital Editing stations
  • Classroom and journalism lab

Training in:

  • Radio deejay personality
  • Radio news & sports journalism
  • Commercial voicing & writing
  • Anchoring television news/sports
  • Talk show & Interview show host
  • TV camera operator
  • TV switcher control
  • TV Directing
  • TV audio Video Camera (on location)
  • Video Journalism
  • TV interviewing & reporting
  • Video editing

Programs Offered

Program #1:



TWO starting Dates:

  • February 2022 - June 2022 (665 hours)
    (Optional 3-month internship July-Aug-Sept 2022)

  • September 2022 - January 2023 (665 hours) 
    (Optional 3-month internship Feb-Mar-April 2023)


  • Radio:
  • TV Basic:
  • Total:

$6990.00 Cdn

Gov. of CANADA STUDENT LOANS available for this program

This program offered TWICE yearly.

Upcoming Start Dates

  • February 2022
  • September 2022

Program #2:



Next starting Dates:

  • Sept 2022 -May 2023 (665 hours)
    (Optional internship June-July-Aug 2022)


  • Radio:
  • TV Basic:
  • TV Advanced:
  • Total:

$9955.00 Cdn


Gov. of CANADA STUDENT LOANS available for this program

This program offered ONCE yearly.

Upcoming Start Dates

  • September 2022
  • September 2023

All About Western Broadcasting Corporation

Where is Western Broadcasting Corporation?
Western Broadcasting Corporation is in the heart of Canada's prairie land in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada (just north of Montana).

Experience Canada!
Saskatoon's climate features cold, frosty winters and beautiful summers in one of the most attractive areas of Canada!


Saskatoon is a city of 225,000 people, situated on the attractive landscape of a beautiful riverbank!

Saskatoon Shines!