A Career in Broadcasting - Versatility

WBC WESTERN ACADEMY is a broadcasting school with a unique training method designed to provide concentrated study in ALL aspects of radio & TV broadcasting.

The good broadcaster eventually specializes in ONE area, but to be successful must know ALL aspects of the broadcast industry.

This versatility makes the broadcaster more valuable because of the contribution that can be made in EACH area of on-air work in radio & TV.

Another bonus -- being capable in all aspects of broadcasting also makes MANY job options available rather than being confined to just one area. Versatility is a definite advantage in the job market, and Western Broadcasting Corporation offers this advantage!

In recent years there has been a tremendous expansion in the information and entertainment needs of our increasingly sophisticated society. To help meet this demand, the Western Broadcasting Corporation training program emphasizes the technique and contemporary procedure that is widely utilized in Canadian and American Radio & TV stations everywhere.

The result is skilled and knowledgeable broadcasting graduates who are prepared to take their place in Radio and TV as Professional Broadcasters!

Studio Training

WESTERN ACADEMY is a broadcasting school with the philosophy, the more time spent behind the microphone, the more quickly the development of broadcasting skills. Therefore each student will have the opportunity for several hours DAILY of training in the WBC studios, operating contemporary AM / FM broadcasting equipment in actual on-air situations.

Each student will experience being:

  • a radio personality DeeJay
  • newscaster & sports announcer
  • commercial advertising announcer

Perform in a LIVE broadcasting environment of simulated 'on-the-air' training.

WBCs staff of professionals monitor the students progress closely throughout the training program and give continuous guidance and critique.

They'll help the WBC student in developing skills to a professional level of performance in each area of on-air work.